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Tosa Binchotan - white charcoal 2 kg

Tosa Binchotan - white charcoal 2 kg
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Binchotan – White Charcoal 備長炭 - Tosa, Japan

*Note - Due to flight regulations, express shipping options are unavailable for binchotan as it must travel roadfreight. Delivery dates are subject to Australia Post standard turnaround times. Orders will be despatched within 36-48 business hours however delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Binchotan or white charcoal is a favourite amongst Yakitori bars all over Japan due to it's clean burning properties and the amazing aroma it imparts when grilling. It is much harder and denser than ordinary black or lump charcoal and has a characteristic metallic sound when struck together.

Binchotan is the perfect charcoal for barbequing due to its long steady burning properties. There is no smoke and it is completely odourless when burning, so the flavour of the food is kept pure. This of course all changes when you add meat to the grill. As the fats and oils drip onto the binchotan, plumes of delicious smelling smoke fill the air as salivating onlookers twitch with excitement.

Compared to black charcoal, Binchotan will burn many times longer and when finishing grilling, you should extinguish the charcoal so you can use it again. To extinguish simply place the charcoal in a covered metal container/pot so that oxygen is depleted. Alternatively, dip each piece of charcoal in cold water for 30 seconds and leave out to dry.

Much of the Binchotan even domestically in Japan is produced in Malaysia or Indonesia and sometimes mixed with locally made product. Our binchotan is 100% produced from oak trees grown and processed in Tosa, in the Shikoku region of Japan.

2 kg bag - $48.00
3 kg box - $72.00

Not just for cooking, binchotan is used to deodorise shoe cupboards, purify water and for Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)

Some tips on using binchotan

• Use only in a well ventilated room or outside
• Light over gas for approx 20-25 mins (it should be glowing hot), then transfer charcoal to your barbeque and let the heat build for approx 20 mins
• If using a hibachi put something thick and fireproof underneath so you don’t burn the table
• Light the binchotan over a gas burner in a special holder (never, never use any fuel starters as they will affect the flavour of the charcoal)

Please note:
This is a 2 kg bag for larger amounts see other items in this category!

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