Large Konro - Portable Barbeque

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Authentic Japanese charcoal grill. 8+ people. Commercial size.

770mm x 230mm Large Portable Barbeque - Konro with handles

This authentic outdoor Japanese barbeque is made from a very special insulated material that reflects heat back onto the cooking surface. The walls are over 5cm thick and keeps the outside of the bbq far cooler than a tin or cast iron version. A great yakitori grill, or for grilling skewered and unskewered vegetables, meat and fish.

We highly recommend using binchotan (high quality Japanese charcoal), as it will enhance the natural qualities of the konro.

Binchotan burns with an even heat and the alkalised ashes are said to neutralise protein acids and other undesirable acidic products during cooking. Due to the intense infra red radiation produced by the charcoal, foods are quickly sealed and the natural flavours are enhanced.

This konro is an excellent choice for grilling wagyu, yakitori, fish and vegetables for large groups of people.

Please note: This barbeque is for outdoor use only.

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