Sakai G3 Stainless - 240mm Kiritsuke

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Sakai region - 240mm Kiritsuke - knife blade by Kaiden

Ginsanko (G-3) premium stainless steel is hammer forged and sharpened creating a high performance multipurpose knife.

The Kaiden kiritsuke has a kataba (single bevelled) cutting edge. Many say the kirtsuke is a crossover between usuba and yanagiba and can be used for prepping vegetables as well as slicing believable sashimi. It is also used for katsuramaki (rotary peeling) and vegetable carving. The fierce learning curve in using such a blade is rewarded by knowing that only a handful of elite chefs can master the kiritsuke's wicked ways.

If you haven’t experienced using a single bevelled blade you will be surprised by the sharpness and quality of cut. However there is a steep learning curve in using such a blade. Use a smooth slicing action and avoid rocking style motions and be careful not to put lateral (sideways) force on the blade as it will make it prone to chipping with the wrong cutting style.

Hon-kasumi is a knifemaking process joining hard and soft materials which is then hammer forged. The hard G3 stainless steel becomes the sharp, strong cutting edge whilst softer stainless becomes the supportive spine of the blade.

For the Chef's Armoury Bespoke range we wanted to give our customers something really special. Handcrafted, hammer forged blades from top artisans that Australia has never seen before. These blades really excel in looks, performance and feel and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Style Kiritsuke Blade Length 230mm
Blade Thickness 3.3mm Weight 158g
HRC (hardness) 61 Composition Ginsanko - high carbon stainless steel
Edge Kataba for right handers Saya Yes, included


Please note:

  • This blade is for right handed use only.

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