Yakitori Charcoal - 10 kg

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Pure compressed wood charcoal from Japan.

10kg box - Yakitori Charcoal, Japan

*Note - Strictly Australia Only shipping. Due to flight regulations, charcoal must travel road freight. Delivery dates are subject to Australia Post standard turnaround times. Orders will be despatched within 24-48 business hours however delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Chef's Armoury have tested charcoals from around the world to source something cheaper than Binchotan yet with the same burning qualities and great flavour. Finally we're now able to offer a cheaper alternative from the Chuubu region of Japan.

Compressed from mixed species of Japanese wood this charcoal is the choice of high-end yakitori restaurants as a cheaper alternative to Binchotan. Although the flavour can’t compare to the superpremium Tosa and Kishu binchotan it’s far superior to many of the compressed charcoals we have trialled (from Japan and other countries). The burning time is an impressive 4-5 hours and each piece doesn't break apart during the burning process.

Our yakitori charcoal is almost smoke free and is odourless when burning. This of course all changes when you add food to the grill. As fats and oils drip onto the charcoal, plumes of delicious smelling smoke fill the air. In comparison to the purity of Tosa and Kishu Binchotan there is a slightly more "chargrill" character produced when using Yakitori charcoal.

Compared to regular natural hardwood charcoal, Yakitori charcoal will burn many times longer and when finishing grilling, you should extinguish the charcoal so you can use it again. To extinguish simply place the charcoal in a covered metal container/pot so that oxygen is depleted. Alternatively, dip each piece of charcoal in cold water for 30 seconds and leave out to dry. Yakitori charcoal has a total burn time of up to 5 hours.

Compressed Charcoal Grades

There are many compressed charcoals available and although they look very similar in appearance the performance varies substantially. Some are good while many are not. Some contain binding agents, accelerants to make them easier to light or residual chemicals left over from treated woods when the material is sourced from building industry offcuts. Also many compressed charcoals break apart, are not very dense, turn to ash quickly and cannot be reused.

The Yakitori charcoal we source is pure, 100% Japanese grown, very dense and processed from virgin wood. It burns clean, long and can be reused as total burn time is approximately 4-5 hours.

Some tips on using yakitori charcoal

  • Use outdoors in a well ventilated open area
  • Light over gas for approx 20-25 mins (it should be glowing hot), then transfer charcoal to your barbeque and let the heat build for an extra 20 mins
  • Use a gas burner such as a small camp stove. You can also put it in a charcoal chimney, or an old pot with holes in the bottom. The naked flame needs to be in direct contact with the charcoal. Never use any fuel starters as they will affect the flavour of the charcoal.

Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday.

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