Handmade Grater - Oroshigane 100mm

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Handmade Oroshigane - Grater - 100mm wide

These handmade graters are indispenable in the Japanese kitchen. Used for daikon, ginger, garlic, wasabi and even mountain yam, nothing else gives the same texture and flavour.

Microplanes have had their 5 minutes of fame but the all-time heavyweight champion of vegetable graters is a handmade oroshigane.

Compared to your regular grater, an oroshigane will produce a much smoother, moist paste. These Japanese graters are handmade with a chisel, hammer and a very patient and accurate craftsman.

This tin plated copper grater will give you many years of faithful service. It will also be kinder on your knuckles. It has fine teeth on one side and coarse teeth on the other so really it's two graters in one.

If flavour is your compass, buy a handmade oroshigane.


  • Use a small brush to get the best yield from your Japanese grater
  • Grate in a circular motion for fastest results
  • Do not put in the dishwasher. Simply rinse under running water, scrub with brush and dry

Overall size 100mm x 220mm


  • Width at bottom - approx 100mm
  • Length from top of handle to bottom of grater - approx 21.7cm
  • Height from top grating holes to bottom grating holes - approx 8.5cm

 Large 155mm size also available


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