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Gyokuro is the most highly refined form of green tea grown under filtered sunlight for the last month before harvest. It has a bright green colour and sweet aroma. Gyokuro is produced from first harvest tea leaves. 100gm packet.

Tasting notes

Our tasting panel classified our Gyokuro as a classic green tea with distinct refinement. The palate is fresh with slight tannins and a hint of matcha on the finish. ‘Not at all grassy” said one panel member - more so the intrigue of a very fine liquor.

Brewing notes

Before brewing:

  • Choose a teapot that allows the tea leaves to fully expand. If your pot has a drop in mesh infuser, for optimal flavour remove the infuser to allow the tea leaves to fully expand.
  • Use only enough water to fill the cup(s) that you will be using, as the tea is best poured out all at once so it does not overbrew.
  • Using these tips you will be able to experience the best flavour and you will also be able to brew your gyokuro leaves up to 3 times.

Brewing instructions:

  • Gyokuro is best brewed at lower temperatures (60° - 70° celsius) to bring out the sweeter delicate flavours in the tea and to avoid any bitterness.
  • Pour boiling water into your teacups and then into a yuzamashi / other ceramic water receptacle in order to cool down the water temperature. If you have thin ceramics you may have to do this 2-3 times. Next pour the water into your teapot. It should now be about 60° - 70° celsius.
  • Add 2.5 heaped teaspoons of tea leaves (per 200mL) into a teapot.
  • Wait 1.5 - 2 minutes.
  • When pouring, fill half of each cup and then distribute water little by little into each cup so that each person receives the same strength brew.

 Number of brews:

  • You can continue to brew the leaves 2-3 times.
  • In between brews, tap the teapot against the palm of your hand to loosen the leaves and leave the lid ajar so that the tea does not stew.
  • For 2nd and 3rd brews steep for a shorter time. You can continue to brew the leaves 2-3 times noting a new and interesting flavour profile with each brew.

To find your favourite Gyokuro brew, experiment testing different amounts of tea, rather than varying the water temperature or brewing time. If the water is too hot it will produce a bitter brew.

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