Oigen Tapas Pan Set

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15cm Cast Iron Tapas Set

This small cast iron serving set is an excellent size for an individual serve or can be used to serve a side dish for the entire table.

Cast iron is perfect to use in the restaurant environment because it holds its heat so well. This cast iron pan set is happy to go from the stovetop to the oven and straight to the table.

Outer Dimensions: 15cm x 5cm

Oigen - Traditional Cast Iron Cookware

  • Certified origin - 100% Nambu Tekki
  • Each piece individually crafted by hand
  • If seasoned properly it will have an effective non-stick surface
  • Made from over 70% recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • No enamel coating - faster transfer of heat
  • Made in Japan

Learn how to season cast iron cookware.

Most items ship within 24-48 hours business days (bespoke items excluded)

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