Fujiwara Teruyasu

Fujiwara Teruyasu's Maboroshi No Meito knives are the sharpest ryoba knives in the drawer. Ridiculously sharp and for advanced users only.

Fujiwara Teruyasu Knifemaker

4th generation blacksmith.

"I like to make kitchen knives that move peoples hearts", says Fujiwara Teruyasu the 4th.

Following a long tradition of smithing, Fujiwara san and co. create kitchen knives that can only be described as imperfectly perfect.The rough agricultural look and feel of the blades are offset by ridiculous sharpness that will put a smile on every hard core chef's face.

Fujiwara Teruyasu the 1st was a blacksmith in the Meiji period who started forging agricultural tools for farmers in 1870. His son was apprenticed to swordsmith Masahide Suishinshi of Seigendo at the age of 10. Fujiwara II made swords in Azabujuban until the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 before relocated to Himonya in Tokyo. Nine years later in 1932 Fujiwara kitchen knives were first forged. Fujiwara III continued the family tradition specialising primarily in traditional Japanese style kitchen knives (single bevel wabocho).

Current generation Fujiwara IV, armed with the knowledge of his forefathers in forging, tempering and heat treating tools, knives and swords, created his own line of stainless clad carbon steel knives. They have a cult following with the chef community and culinary enthusiasts all over the world.

Message from Fujiwara san to Australian customers: "I have absolute confidence in my kitchen knives. I would like you to experience true sharpness." His Maboroshi western knives range is without a doubt the sharpest double bevel knives we have ever seen.

Chef's Armoury are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Fujiwara Teruyasu knives in Australia.

Fujiwara Teruyasu Testimonials
Insane sharpness and unrefined good looks makes Fujiwara knives unique and a pleasure to use. Not recommended after having a handful beers while chatting to friends - these babies cut through anything like butter, including fingers. If you can handle the heat you will never look back.
DON Sydney, Australia
My FUJIWARA is one of my all-time favourite knifes. (Fujiwara Maboroshi 210 Gyuto)
PETER GILMORE Quay & Bennelong Executive Chef, Sydney, Australia
Got money back from my tax and wanted to make a serious investment with a good chefs knife. The Fujiwara is seriously sharp! Amazing to slice and dice almost anything and a dream to julienne, the perfect weight and the perfect length, this knife feels amazing in the hand and I would highly recommend. (Fujiwara Maboroshi 210 Gyuto)
LUCAS GASKIN Rosetta Ristorante Apprentice Chef, Melbourne, Australia

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