New Artarmon Store Happenings

Exciting news, the doors of our third Australian store have just opened at 13 Elizabeth St Artarmon NSW Australia. We are a one minute walk from Artarmon train station through Wilkes Avenue - Sydney's unofficial Japan Village.

Chef's Armoury was established in 2007 for chefs and home cooks to arm themselves with the best kitchen ordinance from Japan.



To kick off our opening celebrations we're excited to announce the Chef's Armoury Chocolate Wheel. 

All customers spending $100+ at the new location can take a spin on the wheel.

Prizes include Japanese cookware, chocolate and most importantly a ticket in the draw* for one of two very rare Japanese knives.



The Golden Yanagiba is a knife money can't buy, although you can catch a glimpse of a sibling of this knife at the Sakai Hamono museum.

Golden Yanagiba

This knife was produced as a showcase of Japanese tradition crafts. The Blacksmith – Ebuchi san is a Dentoukougeishi blacksmith from the Sakai region with decades of experience in forging kataba style blades. The Sharpener – Tahara san is a Dentoukougeishi sharpener from Sakai who’s brand Sakai Kaishu 海舟 is engraved on the blade.

Kanazawa gold leaf – Kanazawa prefecture makes 99% of gold leaf used in Japan. It is famed for being “lighter than air” and almost translucent being hammered out to just .003mm thickness. The technique of hammering gold leaf  between layers of washi paper has been performed in Kanazawa since 1593. It takes 2 weeks to make just 100 sheets of the gold leaf used for this blade.

Bamboo – The bamboo handle is produced in Kawaguchi that is famed for creating tradition bamboo fishing rods.

Presentation box – Both Echizen washi and lacquer have been combined for the box.

Certification – The Dentoukougei stamp certifies that this knife is produced by master craftsmen from the Sakai region using traditional methods and materials.



The Silver Kiritsuke is produced by a Dentoukougeishi sharpener from Sakai - Keiichi Fujii who is highly respected as one of the best ryoba sharpeners in Sakai. He sharpens for many of the Sakai blacksmiths and for this knife he has teamed up with Yamatsuka san who is a specialist in forging Ginsanko.

Silver Kiritsuke

Traditionally Kiritsuke are chisel bevelled blades used by highly skilled chefs as a general purpose prep knife. Because they are difficult to master, in recent years a western version (V bevelled) has become quite popular. This Silver Kiritsuke is a western bevelled style with a length of 240mm.

The handle is crafted from Yarren – a type of Acacia favoured by our First nations people to make spears. It has been set with a small machi gap in the tradition of Sakai, Japan.



  • Trading hours are 10am - 4:30pm Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Closed Sunday / Monday and public holidays.
  • Reopening Thursday 28th Dec after Christmas.
  • 28 - 30 Dec ... OPEN
  • 31 - 2 Jan ... Closed
  • 3 Jan onwards ... back to normal trading hours


Chef's Armoury Artarmon front door



... We'd love to see you. Come visit, say hello, bring your family and friends and start your wishlist!

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