Fujii Black Nickel 270 Yanagiba

Limited edition yanagi by retired blacksmith Sumitani san, designed by Fujii san.

Fujii Black Nickel 270 Yanagiba

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Fujii Black Nickel Damascus 270 Yanagi

This blue carbon steel blade was forged over a decade ago by the now retired blacksmith Sumitani and until recently was resting as an unfinished blank in a dusty Sakai warehouse. The blade has been hand sharpened and subjected to a highly secretive process to denature the properties of the surface steel to create a stunning Black Nickel Damascus finish.

Sakai ebony handle with black buffalo horn bolster.


Please note:

  • This is a carbon steel knife (not stainless) and will rust if not cared for. Carbon steel is susceptible to rust and tarnishing. We recommend coating the edge with camellia oil in humid environments. 
  • A collector's knife not meant for everyday use.

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