Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito 195mm Gyuto

Multi purpose chefs knife. Stainless clad White #1 by Master Fujiwara Teruyasu.

Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito 195mm Gyuto

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Fujiwara Teruyasu 195mm Maboroshi No Meito Gyuto

If sharpness if your number one priority, one slice with a Fujiwara Teruyasu knife and you will be converted. Fujiwara Maboroshi knives are the sharpest western bevel knives at Chef's Armoury. (Takamura knives being a close second).

Fujiwara san is a 4th generation blacksmith with a long lineage of tool, sword and knifemakers. His great grandfather was originally a Meiji period blacksmith forging agricultural tools for farmers in 1870. Fujiwara II was a swordsmith. Fujiwara III was a specialist in traditional single bevel Japanese kitchen knives. Current generation Fujiwara IV is most well known for his mindblowingly sharp Maboroshi No Meito knives.

*(Not to be confused with Fujiwara Kanemasa)

Fujiwara Teruyasu Maboroshi Knives

"Maboroshi No Meito" translates as "Famous sword of dreams" and the sharpness of Maboroshi knives certainly lives up to the name. Elite performance is created from the hands of Fujiwara IV and his team of seven blacksmiths & sharpeners incorporating traditional knife, tool and swordmaking techniques of Fujiwara IV's ancestors. The Maboroshi No Meito knives have a cult following in Japan and around the world.

Fujiwara IV - "I would like you to experience true sharpness."


Note: For those after a faultless smooth, polished fit and finish Fujiwara knives are not for you ... Theses knives are rough n' ready, handmade tools and as we say "imperfectly perfect."

Caution: Not recommended for those without advanced knife skills. These knives will cut off digits so keep away from children.

Please note:

  • This blade is sharpened to a fine edge and will chip if mishandled
  • Use only on foods with no hard seeds, bones or tough parts
  • Do not slice through the caramelized parts of meat or crackling
  • Don't chop roughly on the board, use a smooth slicing action


Style Gyuto Blade Length 195mm
Overall Length 334mm Weight 152gm
Blade Thickness 3.1mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 61-62 Composition 3 layer - Stainless clad Yasuki White 1 carbon steel
Edge Fine 50:50 V bevel for left and right handers Saya Not included


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