Hida Konro

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Mini table barbeque designed to serve one small course for 1-2 people.

Hida Konro - 17cm x 17cm x 13cm

If you are looking for a BBQ to entertain the footy team with a Sunday afternoon sausage sizzle this is not for you. Think more of a romantic dinner grilling slithers of MB12 Wagyu worth more than a day's wages and you are closer to the money.

This authentic Hida Konro is made from a unique type of fossilised material known as Keisodo. Keisodo's heat retention properties are second to none due the highly porous nature of the material. (The cheap clay copies are not made of Keisodo.)


This small table-top BBQ can be used with charcoal to grill small portions of meat, seafood or vegetables. It can also be used in conjunction with solid “gel” fuel to heat a small tapas pan or nabe pot.

Makes an excellent compliment to any Japanese table setting.

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PLEASE NOTE: This product does not include the wire grill and tapas pan.

Follow the links to buy - steel grill net and charcoal.

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