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Hideriyama Natural Sharpening Stone

Hideriyama from another of Kyoto’s famous mines. This stone has a soft feel and makes good contrast between jigane and hagane. It is also an excellent finishing stone for honyaki. Approximately 10,000 grit.

Natural Stones

Natural sharpening stones have been used for centuries for knife and tool sharpening. Today with all of the stone mines in Japan closed, natural sharpening stones have become a tightly held commodity. We have managed to secure a small yet reliable quantity of decent sized stones for the Australian market.

High quality natural stones have the following advantages:

  • Long lasting - these highly prized stones could become a family heirloom that can be passed down
  • Longer lasting sharpness - the grit in natural stones is more 'random' than synthetics giving varied tooth size on the blade for longer lasting sharpness
  • If you own a honkasumi knife, natural stones will give you better contrast between the hagane and jigane

Please note: stone may vary slightly from the photos, weights and measures below.

Hardness Medium/Soft Weight 1100g
Length 205mm Width 80mm
Height 30mm

Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday.

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