Kaiden Chef 240mm Chef Knife

Large Kaiden chef knife in 240mm blade length, damascus stainless steel for easy care.

Kaiden Chef 240mm Chef Knife

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Kaiden Damascus 240mm Chef Knife

A 240mm chef knife from Kaiden has all the attributes that you would want from a knife of this size. It has a solid feel and is hand sharpened to a razors edge. Made in Seki, Japan.

Kaiden Chef Series

Kaiden chef knives are made with one simple purpose – reliable cutting.

A workhorse knife shaped and sharpened to an offset bevel designed for the right handed chef. The right side of the blade has a hamaguri - clamshell style edge to create a smooth cutting experience. The handle is wood micarta - many layers of natural timber reinforced with resin for extra strength.

17 layer damascus steel

Kaiden knives start life as a 17-layer ingot of Damascus steel with a hard layer of stainless VG10 in the core. The ingot is drop forged, cut into shape and journeys through three dozen steps to make a knife that is worthy to have Kaiden chiselled into the blade.

To the uninitiated it might seem that a 33-layer Damascus steel knife is superior to a 17 layer knife and 63 layers is better still. While in terms of beauty more layers can sometimes mean a prettier blade, the number of layers has little to do with sharpness, edge retention or the overall quality of the blade. These aspects are up to the virtuosity of the maker.


Style Gyuto - Chefs Knife Blade Length 240mm
Overall Length 370mm Weight 263gm
Blade Thickness 2.5mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 60 Composition 17 layer damascus, VG10 core
Edge Ryoba hamaguri offset bevel for right handers Saya Not included


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