Kaiden Kodo 180mm Oobunka

Hammer forged 180mm chef knife with ancient Kodo finish by Kaiden.

Kaiden Kodo 180mm Oobunka

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Kaiden Kodo 180mm Oobunka

An odd shaped blade you never knew you couldn't live without. Think of it as a slicing santoku with a really useful pointy tip.

Kodo Series by Kaiden

Kodo translates as ancient path. The textured finish is reminiscent of an ancient forest trail, the handles a burnt chestnut wood.

The blades are forged with a distal taper from rust resistant steel, heat treated to fantastic overall hardness, with speckles of super hardness that provide good wear resistance. This translates as excellent edge retention and great feedback on the stones when it comes time to resharpen.

The blade profile is slightly hollow ground, with microbevel and the symmetrical edge grind makes it suitable for left or right handed use.

Please note, this is one of the sharpest knife series we sell. Super thin behind the edge, so be careful what you cut.

Handles are a very tactile roasted chestnut with a super grippy feel and finished with a highly polished buffalo horn bolster.

Forged from one of those exotic next generation knife steels that rivals aosuper carbon steel. It borders on stainless but is best washed and dried after use as it can be a bit reactive. Likewise for the ‘almost’ stainless cladding.

  • Textured Kodo finish
  • Spectacular cutting
  • Hammer forged from "almost stainless" steel core and cladding
  • 50/50 edge grind suitable for left and right handed users
  • As all knives are handmade the blade pattern and handle wood will vary from blade to blade
  • Rounded octagonal Japanese chestnut handles

Please note:

  • PROS: The top 2 sharpest knife series at Chef's Armoury.
  • CONS: Very thin behind the edge so be very careful not to cut anything too hard, and yes crackling, bacon, seeds, bones and thick woody rosemary stalks are hard
  • Because of the fine edge, you will chip it if you aren't careful; cut hard items or are rough with your knives. 
  • Don't damage the edge by scraping it against the board
  • Avoid tough tasks. Not a workhorse knife. Use as a 2nd knife for precise cuts.
  • The blade is made from steel that on paper is almost stainless but in reality does tarnish if left wet so if you want to be fussy add a coat of camellia oil after use.

If you understand the disclaimer you will be rewarded by one of most amazing knives in the Chef's Armoury portfolio. A truly spectacular blade.


Style Bunka Blade Length 183mm
Overall Length 320mm Weight 140gm
Blade Thickness 3mm tapered Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 64-65 Composition almost stainless core and cladding
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included



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