Konosuke Sakai 300mm Waning Crescent Moon Yanagiba

Advanced level yanagiba forged in the revered honyaki method. By Konosuke Sakai.

Konosuke Sakai 300mm Waning Crescent Moon Yanagiba

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Konosuke Sakai 300ml Water Quenched Honyaki 'Moon' Sashimi Knife

Owning a high-end sashimi knife carries the same prestige as owning a fine Japanese sword but with one clear advantage – you actually get to use it.

This stunning honyaki sashimi knife is made from white 2 steel and features a subtle hamon with a waxing crescent moon. The ebony handle has both ends capped in white buffalo horn and has a matching ebony saya with silver plaque ready for engraving.

The knife and saya are wrapped in a velveteen bag housed in a hand made paulownia wood box.

Honyaki vs Hon-kasumi Knives

Your average sashimi knife is made from joining hard steel to a softer iron. This style is known as hon-kasumi, it is far easier to make and a lot easier to care for especially at sharpening time.

A honyaki knife is made from a single piece of hard steel. It is differentially tempered so the spine is softer and gives a cushioning effect to the hard edge. A layer of clay is added to the blade and it is then heated and quenched in either water or oil. Water quenching is the most difficult and considered the highest quality and can leave a beautiful hamon (wave pattern) on the blade.

Honyaki knives are difficult to forge, harder to sharpen and can only be produced by top tier artisans.
Edge retention of the honyaki is far superior to honkasumi although extra care is required in sharpening due to the edge being more brittle.

Konosuke Sakai

Sakai is an industrial town south of Osaka revered by chefs from all parts of Japan. The speciality of Sakai is single bevelled blades that are hammer forged one by one. Although the blacksmiths of Sakai are quite famous, so too are the master sharpeners who finish the blades to a razor's edge.

Konosuke Sakai combines the work of the masters with modern design to produce a unique range of highly desirable chefs knives. Each and every Konosuke Sakai knife is produced entirely by craftsmen in the Sakai region.

Please note: This is a carbon steel knife (not stainless) and will rust if not cared for.


Style Yanagiba Blade Length 292mm
Overall Length 455mm Weight 209gm
Blade Thickness 3mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 61-62 Composition White Steel Honyaki
Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Included


Please note:

  • This beautiful honyaki knife needs to be looked after to maintain it's beautiful mirror finish.
  • Genuine hamon (temper line) unlike the many sandblasted versions available.
  • Carbon steel is susceptible to rust and tarnishing. We recommend coating the edge with camellia oil in humid environments.  Keep some rust cleaner on hand to remove tarnish/water marks as soon as it appears.
  • Avoid the use of carbon steel knives with foods such as (Eg. garlic, onions, shallots, artichokes, eggplant) - the blade will discolour and blacken if not wiped immediately after slicing.
  • Box string has changed from azuki purple to black.


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