Kuro Kuma KA Gyuto 240mm

Larger damascus chef knife for multipurpose use from the Kagami series by Kuro Kuma.

Kuro Kuma KA Gyuto 240mm

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Kuro Kuma KA 240mm Gyuto

The 240mm gyuto is a longer multipurpose chefs knife for slicing, rocking and chopping. While not as popular as the 210mm blade, the extra length gives it the upper hand when slicing, if you have the space on your chopping board.


Kagami Knife Series

The Kagami series is hammer forged from powder steel encased in layers of softer damascus. While the 3mm thickness sounds a little thicker than most it tapers very quickly to a fine cutting edge and when combined with a mirror (kagami) finish slips through food effortlessly.

The surface of the blade is highly reflective and to highlight the layers of damascus that have been also lightly acid etched we have photographed the blade with both a light and dark reflection. Sometimes the most important feature of a blade is something you can’t see and in this case the heat treatment and consistency of the blade hardness is among the best we have experienced.

Handles are made from our existing stocks of African Blackwood along with Mallee Burl bolsters.

  • Powder steel damascus
  • Blackwood handle
  • 50/50 edge grind for left and right handed users
  • Seriously sharp
  • Precise accurate cuts

Note: blade is stainless steel in colour, it is not black. Due to mirror finish it shows a dark surface when reflecting dark colours or a light colour surface when reflecting light colours.


Style Gyuto Blade Length 230mm
Overall Length 385mm Weight 207gm
Blade Thickness 3mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness) 64-66 Composition Powder steel damascus
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included


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