Mcusta Zanmai Limited Edition Suzaku - Phoenix 4pc Set

Designer 4 piece knife set by Mcusta Zanmai

Mcusta Zanmai Limited Edition Suzaku - Phoenix 4pc Set

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Phoenix Limited Edition

Only 50 of these luxurious box sets have been produced.

Suzaku is the red vermillion bird, the guardian of the south - one of the Shijin - the four mythological creatures of Taoism. It represents the element of fire and the season of summer. 

Suzaku Knife Set

Meticulously produced, this is the first limited edition series by Mcusta Zanmai.

  • Handles with Zanmai flame design are made with acrylic resin 
  • Thick black spacer, mosaic pins, metal bolster and end cap
  • Blue carbon steel core for excellent edge retention
  • Unique colour damascus with flowing lines of copper
  • The blades are ground extremely thin for excellent cutting so be careful not to damage the edge on hard foods.

Each set is stamped with a number / 50. We have 1 set left in the Sydney/Online store #18.

About Mcusta Zanmai

The company value for MCUSTA Zanmai is 'Always Innovate' and under the third generation President Tomo Hasegawa the innovation continues.

Mcusta Zanmai are known as one of the most advanced knife workshops in Japan today. Their knives are laser cut, CNC milled to perfection and then assembled and sharpened to an enviable edge. Last century when the company began, they specialised in the exacting art of scissor making. Using this skill-set, the company expanded into a range of intricate pocket knives with precision mechanisms and an ever expanding range designs.

It's sometimes hard to believe that Mcusta Zanmai have only been making kitchen knives for about 13 years. In that short time they have become one of the most sought after knife brands among chefs globally.

Each year the waitlist for their knives becomes longer and longer but as their very first kitchen knife stockist Chef's Armoury always receives good supply.

We are very excited to present the Suzaku - Phoenix Limited Edition, the first of 4 series that will be released over the coming years. Each set is presented in a handmade kiriwood box.

Please note:

  • Keep dry and use camellia oil to protect against rust.
  • Resin handles are not perfectly heat resistant, so keep away from a hot stove.
  • Copper lines in the blade will change colour over time.
  • The number of your limited edition set may be different to 18/50. Only 50 sets have been made worldwide.


Gyuto 212mm blade length Edge 50:50 V bevel
Petty 150mm blade length
180mm blade length Tang Full pin tang
Kiritsuke 230mm blade length Composition Damascus clad - blue carbon steel core
Saya Not included


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