Moriguchi 3pc Knife Set with Jarrah Stand

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Moriguchi 3 piece knife set

The Moriguchi Japanese knife set includes

  • 135mm petty knife
  • 165mm nakiri
  • 210mm gyuto
  • Jarrah wood magnetic knife stand

Moriguchi Nero Series

The Moriguchi Nero knives are produced from top end Super Blue (Aosuper) carbon steel, with even higher carbon content than Blue #1. This super steel has added tungsten for hardness, molybdenum for toughness and vanadium for wear resistance. The carbon steel core is clad in stainless steel making it easier to care for than pure carbon steel.

More of a workhorse than a racehorse, these blades have a hammer texture with good food release.  Aosuper steel is a lot of fun to sharpen and the edge can retain a very low angle.

Another stand out feature of this range is the oval shaped handle with a little more girth than standard octagonal handles.

The exposed edge on these blades will patina (change colour) which is natural for Aosuper carbon steel, but the benefit of the Aosuper steel is the fantastic edge retention and cutting performance.

Please note:

  • The core material is made from carbon steel so care should be taken to keep the edge dry after use to prevent rust.
  • Apply a thin coat of Camellia oil to the carbon edge before storage to protect from moisture.
  • Over time the black may scratch and wear with extended use.
  • As the handle is natural wood, colour and grain may vary from the photo.


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