Naked Pan - 24.5cm Two Handle Pan

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Cast Iron Two Handle Pan - 24.5cm

This is our cast iron pan of choice for Sunday morning breakfast for 2. Firstly crisp off the bacon using the solid even heat from the cast iron pan and set aside to drain on paper towel. Tip out most of the bacon fat leaving a little for flavour and crack four free range eggs into the pan. Turn down the heat a little and the bottom of the should be nice and crisp with runny yolks - just how they should be.

Outer Dimensions: 24.8cm diameter x 8cm (3cm internal depth)

Naked Pan - Non Stick Cast Iron Cookware

  • made from over 70% recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • natural non stick cookware that improves with age
  • no nasty chemicals to leech into your food
  • perfect for the induction cooktop
  • no enamel coating - faster transfer of heat
  • Made in Japan

Learn how to season cast iron cookware.

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