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Oigen Palma Fry Pan & Casserole Twinset

Designed by Jasper Morrison and forged at Oigen Foundry this matching pan and casserole set are kitchen essentials that will give life long service. The casserole lid also fits the fry pan perfectly and both pieces can be used in the oven, on induction, gas, electric or over and open fire.

Cast iron cookware is considered superior to other cookware because it's an excellent conductor of heat with superior heat retention compared to stainless steel, copper or aluminium. It can also be safely transferred from cooktop to oven and also served on the table, a versatile asset to any kitchen.

Diameter Pan : 23cm (internal top), 20cm (internal base).

Capacity Casserole: 2.75L, Diameter: (internal top) 235mm

Palma By Jasper Morrison

  • Cast iron cookware designed by Jasper Morrison in collaboration with 160 year old cast iron foundry Oigen
  • Perfect for the induction / gas / electric cooktops and ovens / campfires (no microwaves)
  • When seasoned properly it has a very effective non-stick surface
  • Made from 50 - 70% recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • Natural oil finish of flaxseed oil and edible Japanese charcoal
  • Made in Iwate, Japan

Learn how to season cast iron cookware.

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