Sakai Blue 1 Carbon - 240mm Wa-gyuto

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Sakai region - 240mm Wa-gyuto - knife blade by Kaiden

For this series we chose Ao-ichi - Blue 1 steel. Ao-ichi is made from Japanese iron sand (like the swords of old) and although it's the top pick of the “Blue” steels it is used less frequently due to difficulty in forging. Blue 1 steel has added wolfram, which is a carbide former for greater toughness.

The hon-kasumi process involves joining hard steel to soft iron which is then hammer forged. The hard iron becomes the sharp and strong cutting edge while the soft iron becomes the supportive spine of the blade.

For the Chef's Armoury Bespoke range we wanted to give our customers something really special. Handcrafted, hammer forged blades from top artisans that Australia has never seen before. These blades really excel in looks, performance and feel and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Style Gyuto Blade Length 230mm
Blade Thickness 2.5mm Weight 136g
HRC (hardness) 63 Composition Blue 1 carbon steel
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Yes, included


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