Saya for 210mm Fukui Gyuto - Jarrah

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Jarrah Saya for 210mm Fukui Gyuto/Chef Knife

Made in Australia from ethically harvested Australian hardwood this saya is designed to fit our Bespoke Fukui range of knives. The Fukui saya have a wider gap to fit the spine of Fukui blades. (Traditional magnolia wooden saya are usually too tight)

We highly recommend ordering your Fukui saya at the same time as your bespoke knife as the saya may require minor adjustment. If you already own a Bespoke Fukui knife visit a Chef's Armoury store for a fitting. If this is inconvenient you can adjust the saya yourself with a metal file.

Please note:

  • When ordering please email us and specify if your Bespoke Fukui knife is damascus, silver or black forged. We will do our best to customise the saya to your blade before postage.
  • Some woods especially Jarrah vary in tone from light to dark and in grain from tight to soft. If you have a preference please email us the same day as your order.
  • For thinner blades like the damascus, the saya may be slightly loose. If you'd like to buy a saya pin, we can drill a hole in your Fukui saya if the blade is in store.

Use this saya for:

  • Fukui bespoke 210mm chef knives - all ranges
  • A limited range of other Chef's Armoury knives - please call and ask.

Most items ship within 24-48 hours business days (bespoke items excluded)

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