Sharakumono Two Handle Grill

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26cm Sharakumono Two Handle Grill by Komin Yamada

This two handle cast iron grill pan combines organic design with high usability. Deep grill lines make it perfect for grilling a steak, lamb chops, chicken breast or vegetables. It can also be used as a roasting pan in the oven and would not look out of place on the dining table.

Outer Dimensions: 27cm diameter not including handle

Sharakumono Project

Sharakumono is the work of Japan’s most famous industrial designer Komin Yamada.

The Sharakumono project focuses on kitchenware made of metals. Inspiration (and the name) comes from master Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) artist Toshusai Sharaku who produced some of Japan’s most memorable woodblock prints over a period of just 10 months.

Yamada san chose Oigen foundry to collaborate on the cast iron segment of his project. The Sharakumono cast iron cookware range combines aesthetic lines with practicality and durability and is destined to become a design classic.

Oigen - Traditional Cast Iron Cookware

  • Certified origin - 100% Nambu Tekki
  • Each piece individually crafted by hand
  • If seasoned properly it will have an effective non-stick surface
  • Made from over 70% recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • Perfect for induction/gas/electric cooktops and ovens (no microwaves)
  • No enamel coating - faster transfer of heat
  • Made in Japan

Learn how to season cast iron cookware.

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