Kuro Kuma XT Sujihiki 240mm

240mm handmade slicer. Blade is sanmai XT semi-stainless steel for easier maintenance.

Kuro Kuma XT Sujihiki 240mm

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Kuro Kuma XT 240mm Sujihiki

Slightly broader and more rigid version of a suji that will be equally at home slicing meat as well as filleting fish.

Kuro Kuma XT Series

Kuro Kuma knives are hand forged from XT steel. While the overall hardness is about 62 HRC there are tiny super hard carbides distributed throughout the steel that aid in edge retention but still allow the edge to be easily resharpened.

More carbon than SG2 but less rust resistance so we classify this range as semi-stainless.

There is much to love about this range, heavier hand feel, smooth cutting action, great edge retention and a slightly taller stance. The fit and finish is slightly agricultural and will appeal to those who believe slight imperfections = personality.

The blacksmith workshop of the XT series has been forging blades for over 70 years.

We rarely see hand forged knives of this quality available at these prices so get in quick before they sell out.

  • Unique X shaped pattern on the blade
  • Hammer forged, handmade
  • Walnut handle with bokote bolster
  • Heavier than the average Japanese knife
  • 50/50 edge grind suitable for left and right handed users


  • As the handle is natural wood, colour and grain of wood will vary. Each handle is individual.
  • As all knives are handmade the pattern will vary from blade to blade.

A light tarnish will form on the blade. If you want to be fussy use a coat of camellia oil after use. The tarnish can also be removed with the application of our rust clean.


Style Sujihiki Blade Length 242mm
Overall Length 395mm Weight 140gm
Blade Thickness 4mm tapered Tang Pin tang
Blade Height 35mm
HRC (hardness) 62 Composition Sanmai - semi stainless
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included


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