Kaiden B2 Honkasumi 240 Mioroshi Deba & Saya

Top grade honkasumi mioroshi deba forged from blue 2 steel, high performance, fantastic fit and finish. Reliable workhorse deba by Kaiden.

Kaiden B2 Honkasumi 240 Mioroshi Deba & Saya

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Kaiden Blue 2 Mioroshi Deba 240mm

A PRO grade fish filleting knife made from Blue 2 steel. The Mioroshi Deba is a single bevel knife designed for portioning and filleting fish and cutting through fish bones. Compared to the regular Deba has a thinner profile with less weight.

A deba is the weapon of choice for many a Japanese (and western) chef to fillet fish. The single bevelled shape of the blade allows the fillets to be removed cleanly and the thickness and heft of the knife give the deba better ability to cut through joints in the spine and rib bones.

At a length of 165 or 180mm the regular deba is still pretty easy to manoeuvre and not too heavy to use or sharpen. Bigger fish need longer blades but your stock standard deba at 210 or 240mm are just too heavy to use effectively. This is why many chefs prefer to use the Mioroshi Deba when they need more length in the blade. The trade-off is easier use, easier sharpening but the edge being thinner will be more subject to damage on bones. However, with skilful use and practice this won’t be an issue.

Handle is octagonal ichii wood with black buffalo horn bolster.

Also comes in 210mm blade length.

Price includes wooden saya (knife sheath).

Kaiden B2 Honkasumi Series

Single bevel Japanese knives from Sakai region are famous amongst chefs the world over. While there are other regions that make single bevel knives, the benchmark has always been those forged and sharpened in Sakai.

While most in the know are fully aware of the hierarchy of steels (blue and white 1,2,3 etc) the differing grades of forging and sharpening finish are not so common knowledge.

Although different Sakai knife houses have differing designations for the lower grades most agree that the "Honkasumi" name should be kept for the highest finish blades forged and sharpened by the best and most experienced tradesmen. Kaiden Honkasumi follow this tradition by presenting professional knives of the highest calibre. A highly polished "ago", "uraoshi" finish and beautiful contrast in the hagane and jigane sets the standard for our B2 series.

Kaiden B2 knives are comparable to the top of the line "Masamoto KA Honkasumi" series (blue 2 / aoko) but with superior fit and finish, upgraded octagonal ichii wood handle and without the premium pricetag of Masamoto.

We are very fortunate to be able to present these knives to our customers.

Please note:

  • This is a single bevel knife (one sided edge) for right handed users only.
  • Only sharpen on sharpening stones. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
  • This is a carbon steel knife. Keep dry and use camellia oil to prevent rust.


Style Deba Blade Length 245mm
Overall Length 398mm Weight 312gm
Blade Thickness 6.5mm Tang Pin tang
HRC (hardness)
Composition Hitachi blue 2
Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Included


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