Kanetsune PRO 150mm Honesuki-Kaku

Professional level boning knife with angular tip for easy handling around bones and joints. Specifically for right handers.

Kanetsune PRO 150mm Honesuki-Kaku

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150mm Honesuki

A professional blade for filleting chicken, duck and other poultry. This honesuki has been sharpened to an extremely sharp edge with a right handed single bevel.

Kanetsune PRO

Produced by Kanetsune bladesmiths in Seki Japan. This series is made from AUS-10 stainless steel. (Similar carbon content to VG10 but AUS-10 has the addition of Silicon for strength and Nickel for toughness).

The black plywood handles are durable and well rounded for comfortable use and meet the blade with a fully integrated stainless steel bolster.

The Kanetsune PRO knife series is a true workhorse range designed for daily professional use.


Sharpening Note: This honesuki has a single bevel for right handers so never use a steel / honing rod on this knife. When sharpening don't put a big bevel on the back (flat side) of this knife.  A very small microbevel on the back will give the knife more strength. Use sharpening stones for best results.

A very useful knife in any chef's kit.


Style Honesuki
Blade Length 153mm
Overall Length 270mm Weight 166gm
Blade Thickness 2.2mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 59-60 Composition AUS10 Stainless
Edge Right handed bevel
Saya Not included


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