Mikawa - Chu Nagura

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Mikawa Natural Nagura

These pieces of natural nagura were mined in the Aichi region. We find the medium fine grit works well with hard synthetic shiageto as well as a range of harder natural stones.

About Nagura Stones

The nagura is highly recommended for advanced sharpening technique when used in combination with a finishing stone (shiageto). Many finishing stones both synthetic and natural are hard by nature and it's difficult to build up a slurry from the get go.

The benefits of using natural nagura stones in combination with shiageto are as follows:

  • Creates a lubricant making the sharpening process smoother, with less skipping and slipping.
  • Eliminates glazing from steel becoming embedded into the stone surface.
  • Reduces suction on the stone surface when sharpening kataba (single edged blades).
  • The slurry formed from the nagura constantly exposes new sharpening grit from the host stone for more efficient sharpening.
  • Creates a sharper longer lasting edge due to a more random tooth pattern formed by the differing grits of the host and nagura stones.

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