Rust Clean

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Rust Clean 115g

If your carbon knives or semi stainless knives are showing spots of rust or tarnish, this is the product for you. It can also be used on stainless steel knives and other metal products.

Here is a quote from a recent convert:

"I tried it on my damascus Deba and not only did it remove the rust but the blade looks like it did when I first bought it. Examined in the Chefs Armoury test kitchen. Results: Seriously impressed. It seems to have a very slight abrasive quality that removes the rust and also any water marks that have built up over time."

How to use

  • Please shake the bottle before use.
  • Add a small amount of the smooth liquid paste to a soft cloth.
  • Polish the blade on both sides to a spot free finish.
  • Wipe off all remnants of the paste with a clean cloth.
  • Wash the blade under running water and dry with a clean cloth.

An effective solution for stubborn stains, rust and tarnish.

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