Nenox Custom Yuzu Sujihiki 230 & Saya

Top end Nenox knife, impressive hamaguri sharpness and exceptional fit and finish.

Nenox Custom Yuzu Sujihiki 230 & Saya

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Nenox Custom Yuzu Slicer

This Nenox custom slicer is hand made by the same meticulous methods as all Nenox custom blades and features a handle made from natural wood custom dyed a yuzu yellow-green. Stabilised wood makes an excellent handle material due to its durability but takes great skill to apply the dye in an artistic manner. The handle is further enhanced with a polished stainless bolster and end cap.

The overall grind of the blade is a slippery hamaguri with a microbevel that is hand finished on hard natural stone stone. The results – a cutting experience that can only be described as silky.

Strictly limited.

Note: As each knife is handmade, the handle colour tone and wood burl pattern will be different knife to knife.

Saya - knife sheath - included.

Nenox Custom Knives

Nenox Custom knives are true custom knives that are handmade piece by piece by Sawada san and his small team of craftsmen in Kanagawa.

The blades are slowly ground from stainless steel in the same time consuming and careful methods employed by custom knifemakers.

Extra care is taken never to overheat the blade.

Exotic materials are difficult to shape as it has to be done at low speeds to prevent cracking from overheating the material. Both the wood and stainless bolsters are held in place with pins (no welding as this would affect the tempering of the blade) before the handle is slowly hand ground into shape.

Although the price is high, knowing the degree of workmanship that is distilled in each and every Nenox Custom knife, it’s not hard to see why the top end knives from Nenox find their way into some of the best kitchens in the world.

Nenox Knives

The Nenox brand was born in 1993 due the demand for stainless steel western style blades in Japan. At that time Tokyo chefs were using European made stainless blades but complained about a lack of sharpness compared to carbon steel.

After years of designing, repeated testing of shape, steel type and sharpening Nenohi brought their first western style knives to market under the brand Nenox.

Nenox is committed to the philosophy of continual improvement, innovation, attention to detail and securing top quality materials. Their knives have incremently changed over the years and have an enviable reputation among the elite chefs of Tokyo and beyond.

Chef's Armoury are proud to be the official agent for Nenox kitchen knives in Australia.


Style Sujihiki
Blade Length 224mm
Overall Length 305mm Weight 170gm
Blade Thickness 2.2mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 60-61 Composition Nenox custom stainless
Edge Hamaguri with 45/55 microbevel Saya Included


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