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Nenohi Cutlery have two brands: Nenox for western style knives and Nenohi for Japanese style knives. Their custom knives by Yusuke Sawada are hot property amongst the chef elite in Tokyo and abroad.

Nenox / Nenohi Knifemaker

Sawada family

Favoured by Tokyo's Elite Chefs

Nenohi Cutlery is headed by custom knifemaker Yusuke Sawada, himself trained by Dentou Kougeishi craftsmen. He is 2nd generation Nenohi and has been making knives since 1993. Nenohi embraces both traditional craftsmanship, combined with modern technologies and materials to create something very special.

Originally a retailer and wholesaler to department stores, Nenohi knives grew so popular that they could not keep up with production. As their knives are not mass-produced they decided to stop selling to department stores and concentrate their efforts as a knifemaker exclusively for professional chefs.

Nenohi Cutlery have 2 brands:

  • Nenox - Western handle ryoba knives
  • Nenohi - Traditional single bevel knives


The Nenohi team include government certified traditional craftsmen -  Kajiya (blacksmith) and Togishi (master sharpener) from knifemaking families with a long history of more than 400 years. Sawada san specialises in the sharpening, polishing and finishing of these blades.

Nenox Custom knives are designed and produced by Sawada san. His high attention to detail and obsession with only using the best of the best materials produce spectacular results. Nenohi is a company on a mission of constant improvement. The search is always on for superior ingredients or processes to make the product a more enjoyable experience for the end user.



Nenohi and Nenox brands are favoured by the culinary elite the world over and it is no more obvious than at home in Tokyo. Sawada san's client list is a who's who of the top restaurants in the city but in true Japanese humility we don't mention names.


Yusuke Sawada - "Customers looking for genuinely good knives always come to us ... We usually do not take the cost into consideration when we develop a new product. When makers develop a new product, they usually set the price first, then, develop a knife meeting the set price. We do totally the opposite. We develop a knife first, the best knife we can create without thinking of the cost, then, set the price which meets the newly developed knife. That’s why our knives are not cheap - the only downside of our knives."



The latest Nenox knives sport a thin hamaguri bevel (convex edge grind) with a 45:55 microbevel for extra strength. They are some of the most beautiful knives we have ever seen.


Chef's Armoury are proud to be the official agent for Nenox and Nenohi knives in Australia.

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