Takamura's high end knives are truly out of this world. The sharpness of the Octagon and Suminagashi ranges will blow your mind. And the damascus finish one of the most beautiful we've ever seen. Takamura also produces a range of everyday knives at more affordable prices - see the Tsuchime series for details.

Takamura Knifemaker

Loved by the world's Top 50

Takamura's high end knives are used by the chef elite from the Top 50 Restaurant kitchens around the world.

Twenty years ago Takamura Hamono pioneered the use of R2 powdered steel in kitchen knives. Today they are considered the leading powder steel knifemaker in Japan.

The Suminagashi, Octagon and PRO series are handmade by the Takamura clan in the Echizen Region. Three brothers work together to create Echizen uchihamono - true hammer forged knives of the Echizen region. Takamura knives are made in their workshop in Fukui prefecture, from forging to the final sharpening and polishing of the blade.

Warning: The high end knives from Takamura are surgically sharp. If you are not a professional chef or need to brush up on your knife skills, Takamura knives are probably not for you.

Takamura also produce a more affordable range of knives for all skill levels - See the Takamura Tsuchime series for details.

Chef’s Armoury are proud to be the exclusive agent for Takamura in Australia.

Takamura Testimonials
I like that they stay razor sharp, are light, and aesthetically they look awesome. Their thin blades also help do precision cuts when working with meat and fish.
EWEN CRAWFORD Movida Aqui Head Chef, Melbourne, Australia
Any other knife does not compare. The precision and cleanliness of the cuts are the finest I have cut in my career. The balance of the knife is perfect. (Takamura Suminagashi 210mm gyuto)
EDWARD LEE Chef, Sydney, Australia
Light yet perfectly balanced, this beautiful blade glided through everything with ease from meat to vegetables. The octagon handle is comfortable to grip and doesn't slip.
SAMUEL YEO Black Star Pastry Pastry Chef, Sydney, Australia

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