Konosuke knives are synonymous with classic elegant Japanese designs.

Konosuke Knifemaker

Dedicated to a sustainable Sakai

A family business, the Kawamura’s have been producing knives since 1932. Konosuke's mantra is to continually innovate, to always strive to elevate their knowledge and consistently exceed their benchmarks of excellence. With extremely high standards in fit and finish they have a fierce following with customers all over the world. Their creativity and dedication to their craft is changing the canvas of Japanese knife design.

Chef’s Armoury are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Konosuke knives in Australia.

Konosuke Testimonials
I love my 270mm HD Sujihiki ... its super light and has a very strong high performance with a great curve for slicing.
DANIEL WILSON Huxtable Restaurant, Huxtaburger Chef/Restaurateur, Melbourne, Australia
My Konosuke knife is great, it’s basically a lightsaber! Definitely recommend going out and grabbing one (Konosuke HD2 210 gyuto)
ADAM DAVIDSON Union Dining Sous Chef, Melbourne, Australia

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