Kuro Kuma

Kuro Kuma knives are forged in Japan, razor sharp yet robust enough as a daily drive. Reliable chef knives for daily use.

Kuro Kuma Knives

kurokuma knife

Robust yet razor sharp.

Kuro Kuma translates as black bear but has nothing to do with portly nigerians dancing mano-a-mano and cheek to cheek in a biker bar. This kind of black bear is where sexy meet sharp in the form of hammer forged blades from the hands of Japanese masters.

Add to this the woodworking skills of local Australian handle makers and the result is a range of knives that are razor sharp yet robust enough as a daily drive. Excited? We certainly are, shame about the biker bar – it sounded kinda fun.

Kuro Kuma Takumi

Kura Kuma was born of a desire to create knives that are utilitarian yet have an emotional appeal. Choice of materials, kajiya and togishi are drawn from the wealth of knowledge and contacts forged over the last decade in Japan.

Handles are traditional octagonal Japanese design matched with Australian and Japanese timbers to match the outstanding quality of the blades on offer.

Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday

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