Kagekiyo embraces modern technology to study the molecular structure of steel via electron microscopes, all in an effort to create the most advanced Japanese knives, hammer forged and sharpened by hand.

Kagekiyo Knifemaker

Commitment to Monozukuri & Kaizen

Kagekiyo are pushing the boundaries of tradition, embracing modern technology in order create the most advanced and design focused Japanese knives. They are committed to the ideals of Monozukuri, the art, science and craft of knifemaking. And a continued dedication to knives made by hand.

The Baba family have been producing knives for a hundred years. Currently run by 3rd generation Baba Shuzou, son Takashi and headed by Baba Nobuo, established in 1916.

Kagekiyo was named after the famous Akushichibe "Fujiwara" Kagekiyo, a strong military commander from the Heian era.


Their philosophy is to produce knives in modern Japanese aesthetic, with the prowess to satisfy even the most skilled chefs and knives that last the distance in the commercial kitchen.  Paying attention not only to the blade, but also the handle - the easiness of gripping, durability and comfort, working together with lacquer craftsmen not related to the cutlery industry until now. 


Kagekiyo adheres to the principles of Kaizen - with the goal of continuous improvement. Using electron microscopes to study the molecular structure of steel, they hope to create the most advanced Japanese knives, hammer forged and sharpened by hand. 

An example of this is adjusting tempering times to improve the strength of the blade.




The Baba family has a long history in the knifemaking industry in Sakai. In 1964 the founder, blacksmith Baba Ichiji received a medal from the Emperor - the Order of the Rising Sun, for his active contribution to the manufacturing industry in the Kansai region. He was the first person ever to receive such an honour within the Sakai cutlery industry. He was also awarded the Yellow Ribbon Medal - another prestigious honour given to those with significant achievements in their field as a symbol for others to follow.



Kagekiyo knives are rare in that they have urushi - Japanese lacquer handles ... naturally antibacterial, water resistant and textured for extra grip.

Kagekiyo ryoba blades also feature the characteristic Shinogi line (traditionally only seen on kataba blades). 

The ethereal quality of the honkasumi finish created by the Togishi of Kagekiyo carbon steel knives is difficult to achieve by many. Spectacular craftsmanship.



Chef’s Armoury are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Kagekiyo knives in Australia.

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