Kaiden knives are some of our most popular for professional chefs. They embody the age-old philosophy of craftsmanship and performance.

Kaiden Knifemaker

For The Professional Chef

The Kaiden brand started in Seki, Japan in 2010 with a range of hand sharpened blades designed for the professional chef.

Although the first knives were produced this century the story starts back in 1998 when one of the founding partners of Chef’s Armoury was house sharing with one of the great Togishi of Seki city. Twelve years past and the Kaiden brand was born.

Handcrafted, High Performance, Best of Region

All Kaiden blades are hand sharpened and embody the age-old philosophy of the pursuit of craftsmanship and performance. They have a strong reputation amongst professional chefs and represent "best of region" no matter where they are made in Japan.

Kaiden Testimonials
Kaiden knives are absolutely amazing, very very excellent knives. Excellent to handle, all round good general purpose knife to use. Could not be happier. (Kaiden Chef 210 gyuto and Kaiden 120 petty)
RON CULLEN Security Supervisor Sydney, Australia
I got my Kaiden at Chef's Armoury ... I absolutely love it, I have another japanese knife brand but Kaiden is a lot better holding an edge and sharpening.
YOSHI Chef Sydney, Australia
Kaiden produce seductive blades ... 150mm Petty marks my first foray into the Kaiden range, aside from caressing the 270mm Chef's 'Sword' like a Bond villain's cat with each visit to the store... It feels completely natural, even for the larger-handed amongst us, cuts with surgical precision and edge durability is excellent. The Damascus has an understated matt finish which subtly compliments the grain, while the stunning hand-chiselled logo provides some well-tooled pimping. The only problem with having one of these in your belt is that they tend to upstage your other blades and you'll want more.
OLLIE WILLETS Geologist Sydney, Australia
It’s an excellent knife. It’s my first yanagiba and it won't be the last. I treat it like a little baby. (Kaiden W2 Honkasumi Yanagiba)
LUKAS IGNACIK Koskela Kitchen Sous Chef, Sydney, Australia
After 10yrs as a professional chef, Kaiden are honestly the best knives I've used to date. They feel solid, look awesome, are light to work with and keep a great edge. I'm addicted! (Kaiden 210 Chef Knife)
SIMON KOPP Scratchleys On The Wharf Chef, Newcastle, Australia

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