Kanetsune knives have a classic understated damascus pattern. Elegant, practical Japanese knives. A balance of sharpness and elegance for the home chef.

Kanetsune Knifemaker

Sharp stylish knives from Seki, Japan.

Knives from this Seki city knifemaker can be found all over the world. Named after famous swordsmith Kanetsune from the 14th century who made tough, sharp katana famous amongst the Samurai in his day.

Kanetsune are known for their hunting knives featuring handles from sakura bark, oak, walnut, ebony and other woods.

They have also created a collection of functional damascus knives for the discerning home cook. The understated mokume damascus pattern matched with familiar western style handles are a crowd favourite.

Kanetsune philosophy is to produce sharp yet stylish cutlery popular all over the world.

Chef’s Armoury are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Kanetsune kitchen knives in Australia.

Kanetsune Testimonials
My Kanetsune Damascus is simply the most beautiful knife I have ever had the pleasure to use. It has a lovely balance, comfortable to hold and cuts through vegetables, meat and fish like a dream. Even after 9 years of use it's still perfect.
VAIJU DEB Home cook Sydney, Australia

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