Knife Sharpening Service

Chef's Armoury offers a specialised knife sharpening service for Japanese knives.

By appointment only.


Please make a booking to drop off your knives. No walk-ins without booking accepted.

>>Book Melbourne (Richmond) Drop Off Appointment 



Please make a booking to drop off your knives. No walk-ins without booking accepted.

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Note - this service is not available at the Artarmon NSW store.



Turnaround time is approximately 2 working days but may be longer due to complexity and backlog of work.

Please note: We only sharpen Japanese kitchen knives. No outdoor or hunting knives.



If you’d like to find out more about our knife sharpening service read on ...

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Chef's Armoury Knife Sharpening

Chef's Armoury use professional knife sharpening techniques garnered from the knifemaking districts of Japan. Our traditional Japanese sharpening skills are unrivalled in Australia.

Leigh Hudson - Chef's Armoury Founder is the first non-Japanese to be certified in knife sharpening and repair by top knifehouses in Sakai and Seki. And his skills have been passed down to his staff after many months of training.

We offer an in store knife sharpening service for Japanese kitchen knives at our Sydney Stanmore and Melbourne Richmond stores, by appointment. Turnaround time is usually 48 hours. Although we strive to get your knives out the door as soon as possible waiting time will depend on the backlog of orders.

Our Techniques

Many knife sharpeners use machinery that overheats the blade causing knives to lose their hardness. This turns your $300 knife into a $20 knife. At Chef's Armoury we understand the importance of keeping the blade cool using specialised water-cooled rotary stones.

All knives are then hand finished on several grades of Japanese sharpening stones using traditional knife sharpening techniques from the knife making districts of Japan. Only the minimum amount of metal is removed from your knife, guaranteeing a longer life.

Professional Knife Repairs

At Chef's Armoury we are highly skilled at all types of blade repairs. Broken tips, chipped blades, removal of surface rust are all problems that can easily be fixed.

How often should I have my knives sharpened?

Depends heavily on the manufacture of the knife, how you use it and how well you look after it. The short answer is we see the majority of our home users every 6 months for a tune up, and more often if you are attuned to a particularly sharp edge.

Blunt knives are not safe to use and slip easily on even the softest materials. If your knives can't slice through a tomato easily then you need to get them sharpened.


Knife Sharpening Price List


Small - Medium knife Under 16cm (blade length) From AUD$15.00
Long knife 16 < 25cm (blade length) From AUD$17.00
Extra long knife over 25cm (blade length)
From AUD$22.00 +
Special bevels single bevel, convex hamaguri bevel, multi bevel POA
Reshape bevel   POA
Repair tip   from $12.00 + sharpening charge
Repair blade chip   from $12.00 + sharpening charge
Single edged knives Deba, usuba, yanagiba etc POA. Starting from $39 AUD.



Knife Brands We Sharpen

We sharpen:

  • Traditional singled edged knives made in Japan - yanagiba, deba, usuba, kiritsuke, sakimaru takobiki etc
  • Regular western style Japanese knives made in Japan - petty, santoku, bunka, gyuto, chef knives, sujihiki etc

Please note:

  • We only service Japanese kitchen knives - no outdoor, hunting or non-Japanese blades will be sharpened.
  • We are unable to service serrated blades
  • For single bevels Eg. yanagiba, usuba, deba, takobiki etc, we service kasumi and honyaki knives. We do not service any "stamped" process single bevel knives. Because of the way stamped single bevel knives are manufactured it would take several hours to sharpen and would cost more than the cost of the knife.

Knife Brands We Sharpen

We sharpen Japanese knife brands including Global Knives, Shun Knives, Mcusta Zanmai Knives, Kagekiyo, Nenox, Nenohi, Kanetsune, Konosuke, Kaiden knives, Takamura, Kurosaki, Kuro Kuma, Saji, Okimoto, Kasumi Knives, MAC, Tojiro, Moriguchi, Aritsugu, Tamahagane, Sakai Takayuki, Ran, Masamoto, Sugimoto,  etc...


Sharpening Testimonials


"The quality of the Armoury's knives and sharpening skills leaves me to focus on my cooking, knowing my tools are always razor sharp."



"I always get my knives sharpened at Chef's Armoury. They know knives. Knives are always returned with a good edge that lasts because they do a thorough job. I recommend them to all my cooking class students at Simon Johnson and friends."



"I have no problem whatsoever handing my knives over to the guys at Chef's Armoury. They take pride in their craft as they should for they do an excellent job."



"Chef's Armoury and their knife sharpening service is something that Sydney has needed for a long time ... I recommend for all people with serious knives to go nowhere else."



"It the best, simple as that ... hand done ... good care is taken to look after your tools."



"Before discovering their knife sharpening service I had tried nearly every other knife sharpening service and gadget available. Well I can say nothing compares to Chef's Armoury - trust me. The knives are the best I have ever seen and the sharpness is fantastic. I use the knife sharpening service regularly as it is quick – efficient and done by experts and at a minimal cost."



"I am a passionate home cook who takes pride in buying the best cooking tools and produce available. After investing in my knives, maintaining them has been very important to me, so when it comes time to get them sharpened, the guys at Chef's Armoury are the only ones that I trust. They have always been meticulous with the quality of their service and after each sharpening my knives are as good as new. Just a word of warning - these guys have the best quality Japanese kitchen tools and equipment available in Sydney, so be prepared to walk out with a new range of kitchen essentials."



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