Okimoto is brought to you by Chef's Armoury. Everyday Japanese blades at affordable prices.

Okimoto Knives

Affordable, everyday knives.

If you thought the Okimoto brand was inspired by Japanese Pro Wrestler Masaki (the jumping kid) Okimoto you would be sadly mistaken. Okimoto is the latest brand brought to you by Chef’s Armoury and like most good knife brands is named after a great samurai – Okimoto.

Okimoto from the Mori clan is famed amongst the ranks of Samurai for being at the top of his game. Was he famous in battle? – No. Was he famous in song? – Not sure. His claim to fame? - Okimoto was a little too fond of the bottle and in Australia at least, that makes him LEGEND.

The idea behind Okimoto knives is to offer you affordable everyday Japanese kitchen knives at fantastic prices.

Okimoto Testimonials
What I like about the Okimoto 180 santoku is the weight. Has all the hallmarks of fine, light and sharp Japanese steel but is solid enough to get you through a busy day in the kitchen. Great value.
STEVE ISON Chef, Sydney, Australia
My favourite knife at the moment. Versatile and low maintenance. Can do any job except hacking bones. Great for veggies, fish and poultry. Bang for buck rating is definitely a 10/10.
MORRIS BACO Devon On Danks Chef, Sydney, Australia

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