Nenohi Fugubiki 300 - Traditional Ebony

300mm thinner blade for sashimi. Traditional ebony handle.

Nenohi Fugubiki 300 - Traditional Ebony

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Nenohi Fugubiki

A fugubiki is thinner than a yanagiba and this Nenohi Fugubiki excels in extra fine cuts of sashimi. Forged in Sakai from premium white carbon steel matched with a traditional ebony handle. Blade length 300mm.

Wooden saya included.

Extremely limited. 

Nenohi knives

"Customers looking for genuinely good knives always come to us ... We usually do not take the cost into consideration when we develop a new product. When makers develop a new product, they usually set the price first, then, develop a knife meeting the set price. We do totally the opposite. We develop a knife first, the best knife we can create without thinking of the cost, then, set the price which meets the newly developed knife. That’s why our knives are not cheap - the only downside of our knives." Yusuke Sawada president of Nenohi

Please note:

  • This is a single bevel knife (one sided edge) for right handed users only.
  • Keep dry and use camellia oil to protect against rust.
  • Care should be taken not to chip the edge.
  • Only sharpen on sharpening stones. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
  • ......

    Style Yanagiba Blade Length 290mm
    Overall Length 447mm Weight 176g
    Blade Thickness 3mm Tang Pin tang
    HRC (hardness) 62 Composition White carbon steel
    Edge Kataba bevel for right handers Saya Included


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