Fukuraijun Mirin

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Fukuraijun 3 year aged Mirin 500ml

During the Edo era (1615-1868) mirin was a summer drink served chilled by immersion in cold water wells. Hakusen are one of the few producers still making mirin from the original recipe from old times. In the 1700s mirin started to be used in cooking, and still is today although the mass produced cooking mirin is made differently but in no way matches the flavour spectrum of true mirin - 'hon-mirin'.

Hakusen Shuzo Fukuraijun is the mirin used by Michelin 3 star restaurants such as Kitcho in Kyoto. It is also enjoyed in Japan as a delicious drink served over crushed ice.

No additives or chemical seasonings. Just rice shochu (also made in house from local rice), rice koji and glutinous rice.

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