Magnolia Saya (sheath) for 150mm Petty

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Magnolia Saya for 150mm Petty/Utility

A simple yet effective way to store or transport your knives safety is a magnolia wood saya.

Please note: For hygiene reasons we do not offer refund or exchange on saya. 

Saya sometimes need a final fitting. Use a metal file / small saw to make any final adjustments. Or if buying in person at one of our stores, bring your knives in with you.

This saya will fit:

  • Mcusta Zanmai 150mm petty - all series
  • Kanetsune 150mm petty
  • Konosuke GS+ 150 petty
  • Kaiden Chef 150mm petty
  • Kagekiyo Damascus 150 petty
  • Konosuke NT Black Damascus 150 petty
  • Takamura 150 petty
  • Okimoto Uchi 135 petty
  • Okimoto Tai 135 petty
  • Kuro Kuma Sumi 150mm petty
  • Nenox 150mm petty; 130 petty (loose fit)

This saya does not fit:

  • Chef's Armoury Bespoke 150 petty (all series)
  • Saji 135 petty
  • Kaiden Kodo 120 or 150 petty
  • Kurosaki Shizuku 150 petty
  • Kuro Kuma Ishi 120 or 150 petty
  • Konosuke Keiai T1 Kurouchi 150 petty
  • Fujiwara Maboroshi 130 petty
  • Fujiwara Maboroshi 150 gyuto

Note: Saya may or may not have a red stamp as depicted in the second photo. As this is natural wood, wood grain and colour will vary from the photo.

Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday

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