Japanese Omelette Pan Tamagoyaki - 18cm square

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Japanese Omelette Pan

Traditional Tamagoyaki is the lightly fluffy rolled omelette made from eggs, shoyu, dashi and a little sugar or mirin. While there are non-stick, aluminium and cast iron versions of the tamagoyaki pan the traditional way to cook tamagoyaki is in a tin lined copper pan.

Hand formed and slightly imperfect, these pans embody early morning visits to the old Tsukiji markets joining the line for the cities best Tamagoyaki cooks over the coals.

Feel free to add your own omelette ingredients or recreate the authentic Japanese version. 

Please note:

  • This pan comes unassembled, you will need to make a small pilot hole before hammering in the nail in the handle. If you need the pan assembled please call us beforehand.
  • Use medium heat. Do not overheat the pan or the tin lining will melt.
  • Use nonmetal spatulas because the tin can scratch easily.
  • ONLY WASH BY HAND, no dishwashers.
  • Please dry thoroughly after use.

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