Japanese Simmer Pot – Pro Grade 1.5L

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Japanese Professional Grade Simmer Pot

Japanese pots, pans, knives and other tools are designed to perform a single task and do it really well. This Japanese simmer pot is no exception.

Designed for simmering and cooking wet dishes it does so with an abundance of style. Although this is a classical dashi (stock), miso soup and nimono pot, it is also used for boiling potatoes, soft boiled eggs, morning oats, midday soups and nighttime hot chocolate.

The subtle faux hammer marks replicate the origins of this style of Yukihira pot where each dimple was hammered by hand, not solely by design but by purpose. The hammer marks increase the strength and surface area of the pot for more efficient heating but also more efficient dispersion for less boil overs.

Graduations inside the pot mean no more guessing how many litres of liquid and the spout on each side is exquisitely shaped for professional accuracy in pouring. There are many versions of the dimpled simmer pot but this version strikes an excellent balance between quality, style, durability and affordability. Construction is made from the finest stainless steel with extra attention to stability of the handle attachment to the body of the pot.

We recommend this pot for wet dishes and is not as suitable for fried dishes.

Compared to cheaper editions, this pot is quite solid and thicker with excellent pourability and professional induction grade stainless steel for even the most demanding cook. The handle contruction is also strengthened by a thick internal screw.

Works on induction cooktops.

Outer Dimensions: 18cm diameter x 16.5cm handle (7cm internal depth)

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