Kurosaki san apprenticed to Kato san from Echizen. An incredibly talented blacksmith whose knives are not just practical, but "a thing of beauty".

Kurosaki Knifemaker

New Generation Blacksmith.

Kurosaki san embodies the new wave of blacksmiths coming through the trades in Japan. Incredibly talented his designs push through the boundaries of tradition in the creation of his signature Shizuku range.

Beauty, performance, sharpness

Kurosaki san is committed to producing knives of reliable performance, practicality and beauty. We really love his first round offerings and can't wait to see what the future holds from this rising star.

Chef's Armoury are proud to be the official distributor of Kurosaki kitchen knives in Australia.

Kurosaki Testimonials
...love it. The staff are always willing to help and best of all they know what they are about. Very happy. (Kurosaki Shizuku 15cm petty)
ANGELO Sofitel Demi Chef, Melbourne, Australia
I bought one in Melbourne, getting it home and using it, I wanted to go back the next day and get another one! (Kurosaki Shizuku 21cm gyuto)
STEVE DONK Chef, Avoca Beach NSW, Australia

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