Postal Knife Sharpening Service


Chef's Armoury offers a postal knife sharpening service for Japanese knives. Australian addresses only.


Please note:

  • We only service Japanese kitchen knives - no outdoor, hunting or non-Japanese blades will be sharpened.
  • We are unable to service serrated blades.
  • For single bevels Eg. yanagiba, usuba, deba, takobiki etc, we service kasumi and honkasumi knives. We do not service any "stamped" process single bevel knives. Because of the way stamped single bevel knives are manufactured it would take several hours to sharpen and would cost more than the cost of the knife.

Postal Service Instructions

  • Wrap each blade in teatowels or layers of newspaper so that if your package is dropped the blades will not protrude from the package. Wrap thick cardboard around knife tips to ensure that the contents do not pierce the outer packaging. Tape firmly. Put your knives in a strong small cardboard box and package securely with cushioning material such as bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper etc, making sure to pack any space tightly so the knives don't move inside the package during transit.
  • Please send your kitchen knives by Registered Post or courier and insure your package. We are unable to contact the post office or courier on your behalf for items in transit.
  • Email us to let us know you are sending us your knives. Send us your tracking number so that we can track the progress of your package.
  • Include your name, email address, phone number and return address.
  • Once we receive package, we will contact you with a quote and process the transaction over the phone. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Mail to

Chef's Armoury, Shop 1, 105-107 Percival Rd Stanmore NSW 2048 Australia


Small - Medium knife Under 16cm (blade length) From AUD$15.00
Long knife 16 < 25cm (blade length) From AUD$17.00
Extra long knife over 25cm (blade length)
From AUD$22.00 +
Special bevels single bevel, convex hamaguri bevel, multi bevel POA
Reshape bevel   POA
Repair tip   from $12.00 + sharpening charge
Repair blade chip   from $12.00 + sharpening charge
Single edged knives Deba, usuba, yanagiba etc POA. Starting from $39 AUD.


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Orders are despatched Tuesday to Friday.

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