Chef's Armoury 10" Black Ceramic Steel

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Black Ceramic 10" Sharpening Steel

This black ceramic "steel" has been developed by Chef’s Armoury to match perfectly many of the Japanese blades we sell. A tube of high grade Japanese ceramic is wrapped around impact resistant rubber and a steel core to create a steel that is more shock proof than regular ceramic steels. Ceramic is far superior to diamond steels or coarse style metal steels that damage fine Japanese blades.

If used sparingly between proper sharpening on waterstones, this ceramic steel will prolong sharpness up to 2x longer. If you own a Japanese knife you really should invest in a ceramic steel.

NB: Never use a steel on a deba, yanagiba or any other knife with a chisel edge. Kataba knives should be sharpened on waterstones only.

Instructions for use: See tips on how to use a ceramic steel

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