Hachido Classic Gift Set of 2 - Japanese Knives

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Cover all of your knife needs from slicing, dicing, chopping and peeling.

Hachido Classic Knife Set

Elevate your cooking game without breaking the budget. The classic combo of 150mm Petty and 210mm Gyuto will cover 90% of your chopping tasks.

For those who love clean lines and simplicity these two Japanese knives offer a blend of precision and functionality without the bling. Made with stainless steel that will sharpen with ease on waterstones and can be easily tuned with a honing steel in between stone sharpening.

  • Familiar western handles
  • Full tang
  • Everyday workhorse knife
  • Well priced gift set

Hachido Knives

Hachido – Eight Paths in Japanese, has a root of the Ancient Buddhist concept of the Noble Eightfold path. In terms of Hachido knives it refers to The Steel, The Quench, The Sharpening, The Polish, The Fit, The Finish, The Feel and The Cut. To be called a Hachido knife the knife must excel in these 8 paths.


Style Petty/Gyuto Blade Length 150/210mm
Overall Length 260/340mm
Weight 86/175g
Blade Thickness 2.2/2.3mm Tang Full tang
HRC (hardness) 59
Composition 1K6
Edge Ryoba bevel for left and right handers Saya Not included


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