Kato PSD 270mm Sujihiki - Ancient Red Gum

Precision Japanese slicer handmade from powder steel by the Kato workshop

Kato PSD 270mm Sujihiki - Ancient Red Gum

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Slicing Knife - 270mm

The Kato sujihiki is a thin, sharp slicing knife that will cleanly slice through meats both raw and cooked. The Kato Sujihiki can also be used to slice sashimi for those who don’t want the maintenance of a yanagiba.

Kato PSD Series

Stunning knives made with Master Kato's signature damascus pattern. Core of SG2 powder steel is wrapped in 32 layers of nickel damascus. Kato san and his team cut the sawtooth pattern into the steel before forging each and every blade. The blade is given a mirror finish to bring out the beautiful contrast of the damascus.

This blade performs every bit as well as it looks.

Ancient Redgum Handle

Ancient redgum is one of Australia's most treasured timbers. For millennia sturdy redgum trees have lined the mighty Murray river, some falling into the river's depths only to be discovered thousands of years later.

Chef's Armoury's Ancient Redgum handle has been dated to 4000 years (give or take a few decades) and is a testament to the durability of this great timber. Each handle has its own personality, some have tiny holes from where a tiny creature once lived and some richly textured grain enhanced with minerals.


  • These blades have a thin profile so tough ingredients such as a hard skin pumpkin and nuts should be avoided to prevent chipping.
  • As all knives are handmade the pattern will vary from blade to blade.
  • As the handle is natural wood, colour and grain of wood will vary. Each handle is individual.


Style Sujihiki - Slicer Blade Length 265mm
Overall Length 424mm Weight 163gm
Blade Thickness 1.9mm Tang Full pin tang
HRC (hardness) 63 Composition R2 clad in stainless
Edge 50:50 V bevel Saya Not included


This knife is very limited production so if this is the knife for you, buy one while you can.

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