Katsuobushi - Hadakabushi

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Hadakabushi - dried bonito

Hadakabushi has been hot smoked for 3 days and dried for 2 weeks. The colour is deep red with the characteristic wooden appearance of high quality katsuobushi. When sliced it is called hanakatsuo and can be used to make a rich dashi. This is a very popular product with mid tier restaurants in Kansai region.

About Katsuobushi

Katsuobushi is filleted, smoked, dried bonito fish – the second vital ingredient in making Japanese dashi stock.

Whole katsuobushi is sourced from Yamaguchi prefecture in Southern Japan. Katsuobushi is rich in umami due to it high concentration of inosinic acid. It works synergistically with glutamates in kombu to create umami rich broths.

Katsuobushi is made from fillets of bonito fish that are steeped in hot water before hot smoking multiple times to reduce the moisture content. The fillets are then inoculated with aspergillus to further reduce the moisture and develop the inosinic acid.

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